HackerNest Kitchener-Waterloo March Tech Social

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Monday, March 13, 2017, 8:00 PM

HackerNest Tech Socials are a fun, relaxed way to connect with your local tech community. Atmosphere: chill, friendly, unpretentious, agenda-free (no sales pitch), and brimming with Ultra Smart People.

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The typical Tech Social schedule: 
– 8:00pm: folks arrive, grab drinks, socialize 
– 9:00pm: quick announcements, thank sponsors 
– 9:10pm: back to chatting 
– 11:00pm: head home, exhilarated from great conversations!  



RBC is an active contributor to the Canadian innovation ecosystem, including working with organizations like TechToronto, the C100 and as a founding partner of NextAI, a global innovation program for artificial intelligence related ventures. RBC recently launched RBC Research, a team which supports RBC’s innovation strategy through fundamental scientific study and exploration in machine learning theory and applications with the goal of developing state-of-the-art financial technologies. 

 RBC has come onboard as a North American sponsor of Hackernest.

https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=af65827d90&view=fimg&th=15a8011cccb4b46c&attid=0.1&disp=emb&realattid=e6871288e410e5d6_0.1&attbid=ANGjdJ_tQ1LKrO5f-6kxLcy7KpiB2Fx5LM-4vWOKvjtznbMfsnkcOYUG2C0sMFGogoC6y2iFoemd7yicKFGTslJ1GGMWdvKuK9jMp-7p85c35xaaib7DukncTN2ROkk&sz=w2-h2&ats=1488302179501&rm=15a8011cccb4b46c&zw&atsh=1 OVH

Specializing in cloud and internet infrastructure, OVH offers innovative Web, Dedicated and Cloud products and services. Since 1999, OVH has partnered with hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide, offering server manufacturing and in-house maintenance of their infrastructure. OVH ensures stable and reliable product and service offerings across all brands, while providing the best price quality ratio. Learn more at ovh.com and on Twitter.

Sponsors make this growing movement possible, so we treasure and build deep, long-term relationships with the companies that endorse us. We’re always looking for new friends! Please email [email protected]



At TextNow we make mobile phone services ultra-affordable through our unique cloud based technology. Through TextNow Wireless and the free TextNow app, we provide millions of users with a better alternative to traditional wireless plans and services. Our mission is to rattle the wireless landscape by making communications with family and friends faster, easier, and, frankly, cheaper.

Wanna show off your office? We’re always looking for big open spaces with 100+ (standing room) capacity that are easily accessible: [email protected]


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Venture Out is Canada’s first conference for LGBTQA+ students interested in careers in tech and entrepreneurship. March 27th at MaRS in Toronto. Snag your ticket using discount code HACKERNEST. http://www.ventureout.ca/ 

About Us:

HackerNest is an international nonprofit uniting local tech communities through unpretentious Tech Socials and hackathons. We cram lots of smart, accomplished people into a room and get them talking to one another. Our relaxed, down-to-earth events attract a diverse and highly technical membership. Strict ‘no-scuzzbag’ policy.

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